Smile Correction with Braces

To have a beautiful smile, one has to have well aligned and proportionate teeth. All dimensions of smile, its development and micro aesthetics are well studied by the specialist Orthodontist, who is the smile creator. People may require orthodontic treatment to achieve pleasing smile. Orthodontic treatment is done in 3 aspects Preventive, Interceptive and Corrective. Preventive treatment aims at doing procedures so that jaws and teeth develop properly and the need for braces later will be reduced.

For this parents should bring children for check up early during their milk teeth dentition stage. Interceptive treatment aims at diagnosing the development of dental & jaw problems, aberrant habits and treating them so that complicated braces treatment is avoided later on. This is also done during childhood and parental awareness for a check up is important.

Corrective treatment is usually done by using braces. Conventional orthodontic treatment is done using metal braces. We use precise 0.022 slotted MBT & Roth prescription braces to achieve functional, structural and cosmetic goal. We also promote latest selfligating braces technology like Damon Q which gives faster, comfortable and better treatment results with less pain.