Child Dental Care

Conservation of healthy milk teeth is very important for proper nutrition, physical, mental and jaw growth of your child. Child is not a young adult when it comes to dental treatment. Our paediatric dentist ensures a very pleasant dental experience by behaviour modification techniques that suit your childs age. Preventive dental care is given for kids using fluoride application, early fillings, pulpectomy and stainless steel crowns. Who would not want to see that lovely smile on your childs face

Healthy teeth are important to your child's overall health. From the time your child is born, there are things you can do to promote healthy teeth and prevent cavities. For babies, you should clean teeth with a soft, clean cloth or baby's toothbrush. Avoid putting the baby to bed with a bottle and check teeth regularly for spots or stains.

Brush your child's teeth and gums at least twice each day and especially before bed. Let children brush on their own to learn the habit of brushing, but you should do the real brushing for them. Take your child to a dentist every 6 months. Let the dentist know if your child thumb sucks or breathes through the mouth.