Growth Modification

Growth modification comes under Interceptive orthodontic treatment. This is done during growing stage and parental awareness for a check up is important. Growth modification aims at identifying and treating skeletal defects at a younger age and thus avoiding surgical therapy at later stages. For correcting small lower jaw we use functional appliances like Twin block, Bionator, Frankel & Forsus.

Headgear treatment is done for upper jaw excess and gummy smile. Hyrax facemask & chin cap done for lower jaw excess cases. Habit breakers are advised for children having mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting & nail biting habits. Acceleration of mandibular growth in preadolescent or adolescent patients can be achieved, but slower than normal growth afterward reduces or eliminates a long-term increase in size of the mandible.

Growth modification is largely done in the context of maxillary expansion by opening the midpalatal suture. Ample clinical evidence now confirms that opening the suture can be accomplished. In young children, up to age 8 or 9 years, little force is needed. Up to that age, a transpalatal lingual arch for dental expansion also will open the midpalatal suture.